Cyber Bullying

It is a kind of bullying done by digital applications like a mobile, laptop or any other digital device. The bullying can occur on social media or any kind of chatting platform like facebook or any place where you can chat with someone. The different types of cyberbullying involve causing humiliation through hateful comments on online platforms/apps, or through SMS or messaging. It comprises posting, sending or sharing negative, nasty or false information about another individual for causing humiliation and character assassination.

Different types of cyber-bullying

Following are some of the common types of cyberbullying:

  • Posting hurtful, nasty or humiliating rumors or comments about an individual online

  • Publishing an embarrassing or nasty photo or video

  • Creating a fake or nasty webpage about another individual

  • Issuing online threats provoking an individual to kill themselves or hurt someone else

  • Triggering religious, racial, ethnic or political vitriol online by posting hate comments or content

  • Faking an identity online to ask for or post personal or fake information about someone

  • One of the harmful of cyberbullying is the “Doxing”.

What is Doxing?

  • Doxing is kind of practicing of researching and broadcasting private or identifying information about the individual or organization

  • They can obtain their confidential data from social media by using phishing(a type of attack).

To know step by step process of doing phishing attack please refer here.

How to prevent cyberbullying?

  • Beware of what your child is doing online or any kind of app he or she is using on their phone or other electronic devices. The more type of electronic devices your uses the more is the chance of cyberbullying

Signs to look out for:

1.Increasing or decreasing in use of devices

2. A child hides their screen or device when others are around and avoids discussion about what they are doing on their device.

3. They avoid social interaction which was enjoyed in the past.

4. They lose interest in people and activities.

-Vishal Pathak



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