February 2017 - Present

The 3rd Degree

Started a group with 35 members and conducted 10+ Events at National and University level.

Febuary 2018 - Present

Science Quiz

Lead and hosted national level  science quiz at ITM University, Vadodara.

November 2018


Deployed Google action "Brain waves".

December 2018

Networking  Seminar

This seminar gave fundamental knowledge to freshmen at my university about networking concepts like IP address, DNS etc.

January 2019

Ethical Hacking Workshop

Workshop was based on the fundamental of hacking like SQLi, CMD hacks, Google dorking, Virus creation etc.

March 2019

The Hacking Monks

Started community where I tutored students to perform attacks like XSS, CSRF, SQLi, Subdomain Takeover etc.

October 2019

Bug Bounty Hunter 1.0

From this course I learned about basics of Bug bounty Hunting and simple bugs like SPF, XSS etc.

Credentials are on my linked in page.

February 2020

Bug Bounty Hunting 2.0

After learning and report basic bugs like SPF , XSS, CSRF, I decided to learn more advance bugs. This Course helped me to achieve that by teaching me JWT token bug, Rate limit, Advance SQL etc.

Credentials are on my linked in page.

March 2020

Public Workshop on Bug Bounty

Tutored participants to find and report 6 types of vulnearbility that may be present in a website!

April 2020

First Webinar as a speaker on Rate Limit attacks.

On my first webinar, I got around 68 participants and tutored them about rate limit attacks and how to bypass them and report it to earn some bounties!

May 2020

Webinar on HTTP Request Smuggling

This was my second webinar and I got around 70 participants and tutored them about CL.TE and TE.CL HTTP request Smuggling along with practical session!

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