Visit to NULL CON 2020 - Goa

Day 1:

I was very much excited to attend Nullcon along with my team of hacking monks. After the registration, the very first lecture I attended was on "Bug Bounty: Why is this happening? by Adam Ruddermann" and I was amazed to see the quality content and easy explanation of the slides. Speakers at Nullcon never made a session a boring and constant communication helped the audience to keep themselves engage in this session. Andy Ruddermann is director of security at the NCC group and such a fine experience speaker helped me to get clear about how industries work when it comes to cybersecurity.

The next session was "Rage against the IDOR’s: Using Machine Learning by Juan Berner " this talk helped me to understand the role of machine learning in the field of cybersecurity. Post lunch session of Hacker Help was the alluring session. As a security Researcher, this session mattered to me the most. This 1.5-hour session was all about clearing your doubts and learn from the experienced one in this field!

DAY 2:

The second day everyone arrived at sharp 9:00 am to collect HackerOne swags. It was indeed worth waiting for. Due to the plethora of participants, they started looking at the HackerOne profile and distributed the swags. I got one t-shirt from HackerOne and I was very happy about it! On 7th March, my main agenda was to attend the Red Team village to learn some offensive thinking and get some new ideas. I learned about carding and how hackers manipulate card data with the help of brute-forcing. Post lunch, I was at the Exhibition Center to learn about startups and different tools made by developers to overcome cyber attacks. Also, I was offered 2 internships from the company which would help me gain formal experience as a pentester. Also, we received T-shirts from Nullcon and tons of laptop stickers.

This is just a gist of Nullcon 2020 and there were several sessions I attended but it is not feasible to write about all sessions!

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