My First Webinar on " Rate Limit attacks and its Bypass " !

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hello Folks, I was working on my laptop finding subdomains to hunt! Suddenly a message popped up on my screen that a community "We are Plymouth" was looking for cybersecurity speakers for any basic topic. Without delay of any minute, I grabbed the opportunity and asked them to schedule my session and told them I would inform the topic later that day.

P.S : I have attached my webinar link in the end! After looking for a few topics in my notes, I decided to go on with Rate Limit Attacks. Being Frank, the rate limit attack is my personal favorite. So I pinged them about the topic and finalize all the session details. I was quite excited about this one because it was my first online talk. After I received all the details, I started making PPT and got prepared for the webinar.

I was a little nervous before webinar thinking about how would it go and what would the response from the attendees! When I started my webinar, I was pretty confident about the topic as I have reported this vulnerability many times!Although it was my first webinar, I got 67 participants and I was really happy! My talk started with the basics of Rate Limiting and how to actually find this vulnerability and report it! Moreover, I also helped them with ways to bypass this vulnerability mitigation to earn themself a little bug bounty! My overall experience was good but it could be better if I got some more time to prepare! I prepared for this talk in less than 4-5 hours. Looking forward to some more webinar and help myself and this community to grow and spread the knowledge! Link to Webinar: Thank you for reading! Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!

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