HackTrack 2.0 By BUG XS

Hello Folks,

In the midst of this quarantine, we at Bug XS community helped students to get started in field of bug bounty. We decided to start with basic vulnerabilities like SPF record and end with more severe vulnerabilities like IDOR, GitHub Recon, etc.

For our first webinar we got around 80-90 participants. Following were the topics we discussed on:

  1. Introduction to Bug Bounty.

  2. Introduction to Burpsuite.

  3. SPF and DMARC Record.

  4. No Rate Limiting Attack.

  5. 2FA Bypass

  6. CSRF

  7. Content Spoofing

  8. EXIF Data

  9. GitHub Recon

  10. Broken Authentication

It was a amazing webinar and we even got Good feedback. The only issue we encountered was zoom meeting was ended after 40 mins and we were not ready with the backup as we thought 40 mins rule was no more applicable in this quarantine. We are were quick enough to fix this issue with Google Meetings and within 5 mins we were back with our normal flow!

If you want to have PPT's of our webinar do let us know on our Instagram page : Bug_XS

All the participants were awarded with certificates.

Thank you for reading.

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