Ethical Seminar at IIT Bombay!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

When I went to IIT Bombay, I was already well equipped with Pen-Testing knowledge and Networking Knowledge. The event was 2 day event and each day had 8 sessions.Overall experience I felt was, the seminar was not upto the mark of IIT Bombay level.

DAY 1:

Registration started and seminar hall was over packed. Workshop was started on time and the lecturer started with fundamentals so students who were neophyte could understand the latter part of session. I studied about OSI layers, IP address, IP-DNS relation etc. It was fun to hear what you already know and also helped me to clear some basic doubts. That day I realized that most part of the session was already covered by me by doing self learning.The best part was, the host, had some amazing made up stories which help students to remember concept in fluid way.

DAY 2 :

Final day was more interesting and engaging, because difficulty level was increased and I leaned new things in kali linux which I was not aware of. Although, the main part of the session was cookie and session hijacking, it was not covered which left me heartbroken :-(

As, it was the important topic and I was much interested in it. As session got over, I had a chance to have a word with lecturer and have a good guidance about stepping into the world of cybersecurity.

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