Advance Password Strategies

Strategy 1: “Children’s rhyme”

I call this the “children’s rhyme strategy” but actually any kind of memorable saying or a phrase can work here, the key is that whatever phrase you use should be known to you by heart.

The strategy works in a way where you take up the first (or last but advisably first) letter of each word in the phrase and put them together to form an unintelligible password . Its easier to show you than explain. Let us say we use the following rhyme.

“Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky.”



You can use a song or a phrase that is unique to you, it could be a –

  1. First two lines of your favorite song

  2. A memorable nursery rhyme

  3. A favorite quote

Strategy 2: Adding unique properties or characters

Also before we dive into it, I want you people to understand that when we talk about ‘adding unique properties or characters’ we don’t simply add a ‘1’ or ‘a’ or ‘!’ at the start or at the end of the password, they are far too easy to hack and they are also difficult to memorize, I mean how do you remember in which login’s password you added ‘8’ and in which one ‘1’.

The strategy lies within the service that the password belongs to, if I am creating a password for my Instagram account, I would add unique properties to the password that are related to my Instagram account.

This can be as:

Adding the first and last letters of the service to the beginning and end of the password –

For example, I would add the ‘I’ of Instagram at the beginning of my password and end it with 'm' ’ , so that it is easier to remember the unique property we added in each password of our different accounts.

Hence my password would look something like this -


- Anushka Saxena


ITM University, Vadodara

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